Ticwatch 2 Active 42mm Ultra Light, Silky Smooth Smartwatch – Charcoal- Mobvoi Voice Contral Ticwear OS Compatible with Android and iOS,Your Smart Fitness Companion

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Ticwatch 2 is an innovative smartwatch. With sleek design and our unique Ticwear OS, the smartwatch can be beautiful and powerful. Get notification on your wrist, speak to Ticwatch 2 to get an Uber, set reminders or make a call. Want to go for a run? Go, and the watch tracks your steps and heart beats without a phone. So get one, and enjoy the beauty of technology.

From the Manufacturer

Unplug & run.

Outdoors sports with music… without your phone. Comes in two styles: Charcoal – Black aluminum frame with black liquid silicone strap that goes with any outfit. Snow – White silicone strap encompassing a lightweight silver aluminum frame to give a simple but fun design

Smart & Stunning.

Stay connected, Zen style, in the overwhelming world. Comes in two styles: Oak – Cold-Forged Stainless Steel frame with classic brown leather strap. Onyx – Black Cold-Forged stainless steel frame and bracelet with sapphire crystal screen.

Ticwatch 2 Active 42mm Ultra Light, Silky Smooth Smartwatch review

This is a great watch. Not perfect, but getting there.

Hardware: 5 stars.
I bought this watch (Onyx, the one with the metal bracelet) on Kickstarter specifically for the hardware. The build quality is quite high all around. The interface is intuitive and responsive, and there are enough faces that you will find a face that works for you. Many of them are too busy for me, and there’s few faces that give a lot of information without a lot of unnecessary details.
I bought this specific smart watch because I really wanted to be able to go running without my phone, and the features I bought it for:
1. Listen to music through bluetooth. To get music onto the watch, you need to first have a physical copy of the file on your phone, then transfer it from your phone to your watch via bluetooth. It’s quite annoying if you don’t have the file but you do have a streaming service; it requires you to torrent the music or purchase it for download. If you do take your phone, you can stream it from your phone like normal, and control the tracks / volume from your watch, which is quite convenient!
2. Track my location / number of steps taken. It tracks location as well, but I have yet to test it out. The newest OTA update allows syncing with Strava, which I will test once I go running.
3. Monitor my pulse. The pulse monitoring works quite well from what I’ve experienced if the watch doesn’t move around too much (i.e., the band is snug).
4. Battery life. Quite good! I haven’t had it go below 50% after a whole day of use, but I imagine that when I go running, it will deplete more quickly.
5. Sapphire glass on the Onyx watch. I have no scratches, seems solid so far.
6. Voice pickup: excellent.
7. Volume: surprisingly loud, considering its size.
8. Aesthetics: No flat tire, no flashy features. Uses a magnetic stand to charge. The Onyx watch (steel frame) came with a steel bracelet and two silicone bracelets (I think it was just a Kickstarter deal), and I replaced the metal one with a silicone strap for comfort. If the metal bracelet is not snug enough, it tugs on my arm hairs and is annoying. I will probably use the silicone on a daily basis, and swap out for the metal when I go out or something.
9. The steel bracelet opens nice and wide (bi-directionally), which is very nice if you have big hands like me. Adding and removing links is a pain unless you’re very dextrous and have good eyes. The tool the provide to adjust the bracelet is not very good, but it does the job if you take your time and are very careful.
10. The Onyx comes with the magnetic charger and a little silicone stand, since you can’t lay it flat with the metal bracelet. All others come with just the magnetic charger. It works well, and holds the watch in place even at a 60º angle, which is impressive.

Software / firmware: 4.5 stars
There is a lot of functionality in this watch, but since it run on its own OS, they had to do everything from scratch. This is not an Android Wear watch, and is still marginally compatible (I say marginally because some people have managed to do it by installing some packages. I can’t do it easily, since I have a Mac.) This means that all the apps that are developed for Android Wear don’t work yet, but they are working on implementing compatibility. There are a few gestures/features which they advertise that I have mixed feelings about.
1. You can cover the screen with your palm to dim the screen. This works very well and I use it all the time.
2. You can slide your finger along the metal casing (“tickle”) on the side to scroll. This does not work very well. Tickling downward (screen moves up) is not very sensitive, and it’s easier to just scroll using the screen. Going the other direction works just fine, but as going down is more important, I simply stopped using this feature. I think this can be updated in the firmware to make it more useful.
3. The voice assistant works pretty well for basic tasks. You can set reminders, timers, and alarms, you can check the weather and calendar. I tried to text people from my contact list, but it didn’t work. Replies work fine if you get an incoming message, but sending a text out from the voice assistant does not work. Hopefully they fix this feature, as it’s quite nice to have.
4. The Mobvoi Store on the android app to control the watch is quite bad. There are no useful apps that I’ve found. This may change in the future. Thankfully, the watch already has a lot of functionality.
5. At first, you will get a lot of notifications on the watch. You can disable notifications on your watch for specific apps by long pressing the notification and touching the “cancel” icon, which is the circle with a slash through it. When you clear a notification on your watch, it clears on your phone as well. That’s a nice feature.
6. The weather app is wildly inaccurate. I have no idea where they get their info, but I would love to see something better. Right now, it says 57º, with a range of 37º – 73º. Google says 66º with a range of 50º – 66º. That’s a huge difference, and Google is much closer to the true temperature.
7. You can call from your watch using your phone, and it works well. You can even use a bluetooth headset / headphones and it works very well.
8. The stopwatch, alarm, and timer all work great.
9. The voice recorder is very nice, and is quite sensitive.
10. You can ping your phone if you can’t find it. It needs to be in bluetooth range, but if you’re not, the moment it connects, it will make a sound. Super useful if you’re the forgetful type (I’m not).

That’s it for now. I will update once I go trail running, which will likely be this weekend, and let you know how the bluetooth connection is, battery life under strain, GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, and syncing with Strava. Also, next time I use an Uber, I’ll try using the watch. So far, so good!

Voice search and control

Use voice control to call an Uber, check the weather, set a reminder.

When you’re nonetheless occupied with a sensible watch at this level.

Bless your soul.

Android Put on is on maintain, pending it is subsequent large replace Pebble is useless.

And the Apple watch is.

(glitch impact) Wait a minute.

Did not I simply file this intro? I certain did different me.

A couple of weeks again when Joshua Vergara and I had been lining up our favourite wearables within the wake of the Pebbleacquisition by Fitbit.

However issues have modified since then.

My main contenderfor a Pebble substitute received devoured up by Fitbit after all.

So I assumed, nicely Josh and I typically agree on issues.

Why do not I take a closerlook at his alternative.

I am Mr.

Cell, and I spend a couple of weekwith the Ticwatch 2.

The good watch you tickle.

(upbeat music) Okay the tickling bitsounds like a gimmick and possibly it’s a little bit, however its additionally actually helpful.

Somewhat than a digital crown.

Or a sensible bezel.

The Tick watch resurrects an previous concept that I all the time discovered underrated.

A contact delicate strip that permits you to controlsome of the interface with out obstructing the show together with your finger.

It really works nicely on the Ticwatch 2.

Although the strip right here isn’twhere you would possibly anticipate.

It is on the decrease portion of the casing.

Nearer to your wrist.

Whereas we’re right here, lets make one thing else clear.

This watch is fairly thick.

You have to be prepared for that.

it head on although, it is fairly engaging.

I’ve the extra expensiveOnyx trim for assessment.

With Sapphire cowl glass and steel band.

And its minimalistrestraint is refreshing.

And Android is what’s powering the onscreen expertise right here.

Particularly model 5.

1 with a customized interface known as ticwear, using on high.

It is virtually a mix of Apple’s watch OS and Android put on.

I do know that sounds likekind of a nightmare, However it’s really very usable.

Notifications arrive with a buzz and a ding.

And collect in an inventory, you swipe as much as see.

You swipe down for widget variations of settings, well being, climate, and different apps.

And swipe left for avery easy app launcher.

This all comes up on a spherical OLED display, that is lots sharp and saturated.

Although I want it received brighter open air.

Swipe proper, and also you open up thewatches largest stand out.

Pure language search.

Ask the watch to showyou a neighborhood restaurant.

And it provides you a number of choices.

The highlights of which it can save you to your widget listing so that you bear in mind them later.

Reminders, alarms, dictated replies.

It is all right here.

And it really works very nicely.

This is not shocking, when you think about thatthe maker of the Ticwatch is not simply one other nameless firm.

It has deep ties to Google.

Having been based by ex-googlers, and partially funded by Google as nicely.

I ought to point out that I solely used the Ticwatch 2 with Android telephones.

The iPhone does such agood job of crippling something that isn’t an Apple watch, that I truthfully did not even trouble.

Different highlights vary from the anticipated.

In-built coronary heart fee sensorand well being monitoring.

To the pleasant.

In-built GPS.

And a preloaded memo operate for fast voice notes.

Voice calls throughBluetooth are additionally supported by means of the considerably thinand tiny speaker telephone.

And yeah, different low factors exist too.

Battery life is nothing particular.

A few day and a half between recharges.

And the so calledvolcano charging pedestal seems to be and feels fairly chintzy.

Additionally, the ecosystem is predictably skinny.

And the truth that you should facet load an APK to buy the app retailer, feels.


Lastly the watch is rated for ip65 ingress safety, which implies it is completelysealed towards mud, however solely splash proof.

You possibly can’t take it swimming.

The Tickwatch 2 begins at $199 for the lively version.

And goes as much as $249 or $299 for the basic oak and onyx variations.

You possibly can have a look at that pricing in two methods.

If you’re not offered on good watches, this one is not goingto change your stance.

You’ll most likely wantto anticipate the following technology of wearables.

Each time that comes.

If, then again, you’re already on boardwith the conveniences that good watches deliver.

Now nevertheless minor they seem to skeptics, they do exist, and I like them rather a lot.

Then truthfully your optionsfor an entry stage machine are slimming by the day.

The Ticwatch 2, with it is minimalist seems to be, novel interface, and wonderful voice instructions.

Brings a number of bang andperformance for the buck.

Purchase it.

Earlier than Fitbit does.

The Samsung Gear S3, the Apple watch collection 2, and two variations of Casio’smonster good watch.

One factor all of them have in frequent, is that I’ve worn each one in every of them.

Try the Mr.

Mobilechannel on YouTube for a better have a look at these, and you’ll want to subscribe so you do not miss extra cellular tech video touchdown each week.

Till subsequent time, thanks for watching.

And keep cellular my pals.

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