Google simply introduced Android put on 2.

0here at IO Builders Convention.

It is in developer preview proper now.

One in every of thebiggest items of stories right here is that it now helps standalone apps and whatthat means is that you just need not have your smartphone on you to make use of thissmartwatch app, and that is true when you’ve got an Android smartphone it is also true when you’ve got aniPhone.

Say you employ Spotify are you able to set out even when you do not have your telephone on you evenif you do not have a connection.

Google’s additionally made a number of enhancements to the userinterface of Android put on.

There is a new app launcher that is very nice you canjust sroll via the apps.

They’ve additionally modified the that means watch faces work.

Now any watch face that has issues that are basically widgets for the totally different apps they use, you’ll be able to customise that.

There is a new key phrase characteristic.

You simply swipeacross the keys.

It sorts out the phrases.

There’s additionally handwriting recognitionwhich makes use of the identical engine as Google’s keyboard app.

So we’re now two years in toAndroid Put on.

We’ve got Adroid Put on 2.


All in all it is a way more robustwearable platform that something we have seen from Google earlier than.

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